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Daniel Negreanu Called Annie Duke a What ???
Poker's golden boy may have turned heel with his latest comments about fellow poker professional Annie Duke. Daniel Negreanu, member of Team PokerStars, was caught on record calling Annie Duke a "f_cking c_nt." Unfortunately, this is not taken out of context. The direct quote from PokerPlayer's interview with Negreanu:

"What irked me is that this woman has the audacity on her website to call herself 'the best female poker player in the world'. So on one side of the coin she's fighting for, 'Oh, we're all equal, there shouldn't be any gender thing,' but when appropriate she decides to call herself the best female poker player in the world."

"So I'm like 'how offensive are you, you f_cking c_nt? You want to say you're speaking for women, yet you claim superiority over all of them.'

Duke responded to Negreanu's words via Twitter. She wrote: "Thank you for the support. I was certainly shocked at the language myself. I welcome criticism but not abuse." This is not the first time Duke has been the subject of abuse. During her Celebrity Apprentice 2 appearance, Joan Rivers said Duke was "worse than Adolf Hitler."

Negreanu may have gone too far with this latest controversial comment. Most poker players may remember Negreanu's recent comments about African-Americans and BET. Players were on both sides of the argument with those comments; however, this latest incident against UB's spokesperson may have broken the camel's back. It is very difficult to support Negreanu after disrespecting a fellow professional poker player this way. It will be interesting to see how PokerStars responds to this shocking news.