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What Starting Hands Are Good To Play Poker in Shorthanded Games.
The requirements for opening a pot, and also to re-raise in an already opened pot, go down at short handed no limit Holdem tables. However, starting hand selection is still important in relation to both position and the tendencies of opponents. This guide looks at how starting hands at short handed tables should be selected to ensure profitable play.

We start by looking at starting hand requirements in relation to the common strategy of raising any pot that you choose to play. Next hands which can be used for re-raises before the flop in short handed games are looked at. Finally high implied odds hands including small pairs and suited connectors will be covered.

Starting Hands
While starting hands with which you open raise a pot do not need to be as 'strong' as in a full ring game those hands which you call a raise with still need to have some value. The selection of starting hands at short handed tables is driven by 4 inter-related factors. The tendencies of your opponents (how frequently they will call or re-raise), your position relative to the button, how many hands you have raised recently (your table image) and finally the actual showdown value of your cards.

At one extreme you may have the button, extra tight opponents and a tight image yourself