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Barack Obama Does Play Poker ... but He Does Not Inhale.
"When he was a young state politician in Illinois, Barack Obama played his cards right. "He had the stone face," said Senator Terry Links, who hosted weekly poker games at his home. 'He didn't stay in hands if he didn't think he had a chance of winning.'

It's nice to know that Presidents are people too and that they like to have fun and play poker.
"Barack wasn't one of those foolish gamblers who just thought all of a sudden that card in the middle was going to show up mysteriously. He's as competitive in politics as he is in poker. It's not like he's going to go into something without a course of action mapped out."

So would Barack Obama rally behind the online poker playing community who today feel like castaways thanks to a few choice politicians (not just Republicans we might add)? Probably not. But we can't help but wonder if Mr. Obama would have requested the removal of an attached measurement to curb online poker attached to that port security bill.