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Poker Tips:

What are Your Goals as a Poker Player?

OK, you have decided that you want to play poker. Since this involves money, you should set goals for yourself as you would with any other money-making enterprise. What do you see yourself doing in a month or a year from now? Do you want o just play for fun or do you want to be serious about your poker game? Here are some possible goals the serious play may consider:

  • To be professional player
  • To appear on a World Poker Tour telecast
  • To be the best online and crush all your opponents
  • To regularly win tournaments
  • To make money in the long run

All of these goals will require the over-all objective of practicing, learning, and improving your poker play.

You will have to study the game, read books to improve your knowledge and strategy, and discuss it with your poker playing friends. Try to learn something from each game and always give it your full attention. Always take the game seriously!

To make sure you can see your improvement, keep a log of every win and loss. This is important because it will help you to keep track of how your skills progress and will help you to keep on track.

Try to leave your ego behind when you are at the table. Don't get over confident by thinking your abilities are better than they really are, but also don't brow-beat yourself over your losses. You have to be realistic about your ability and never underestimate your opponents.

Be serious when you play, even if it is just for practice. Your objective is to hone your skills, not pass time or take your mind off other things. Always strive to be the best in every hand you play so you can become the player you want to be.

Work on your game daily and try to be a better player each day. This should become a habit and part of your daily ritual. You can achieve your long-term goals if you work at it little by little and always play your best.