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AlphaShield™ is a revolutionary device that connects between your computer and high speed modem.
Connecting to the Internet without AlphaShield™ is like leaving the front door of your home unlocked. Hackers and unwanted intruders can easily enter your system, steal your valuable information and even take control of your computer to engage in Internet attacks.

Once active, AlphaShield™ monitors all Internet activity and effectively protects your system from all unauthorized intruders.

AlphaShield™ is your simple, most powerful and cost-effective Internet privacy solution.

AlphaShield™ is a truly unique and powerful device that provides you with the protection you need against hacking and information theft.

Complete privacy and total protection. AlphaShield™ puts you in control of your Internet experience. Simply plug the unit between your computer and high-speed modem and experience the peace of mind security you need. Explore the Internet with confidence.

AlphaShield's effectiveness comes from the combination of three powerful technologies.

IP Stealth Technology makes your computer 'invisible' to 'would-be-hackers'

Real-time Packet Authorization (RPA™) allows only requested information into the computer, keeping all unsolicited visitors out.

AlphaGap™ Technology automatically disconnects the computer from the Internet when not in use, eliminating the possibility of unwanted intrusions.

Now you can truly enjoy surfing the net in the 'privacy' of your own home.

Alphashield Guarantees 100% Unhackable Security or your Money Back!

There was an open challenge for anyone to hack into a computer that was protected by the AlphaShield. The prize was $1,000,000 USD. A year later, no one had beaten the challenge.
Never surf the internet without one!

TOP 10 Reasons to Get AlphaShield™

  1. Next Generation Exclusive Technology
    PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY! AlphaShield™ incorporates new exclusive technologies that cannot be found in any other products to protect your privacy and security.  RPATM Technology makes your computer invisible to the Internet, and only allows requested information to enter your computer. AlphaGAPTM stops all malicious attacks by creating physical and logical disconnection from the Internet. It’s the first and only Internet security device that disconnects the computer from the Internet or network automatically for 'always on' high-speed connections.

  2. Easy-to-use Just plug in AlphaShield™, connect it to your computer, and you are done.  It is extremely easy to set-up, and no computer or networking knowledge is needed whether you are at home, at the office, or working from the hotel.

  3. Never Upgrade & Zero administration AlphaShield™ doesn't require you to maintain or upgrade it.  Once you plug it in, that is it! Unlike the endless upgrades and updates of firewall, anti-virus software, and routers, AlphaShield™ is a one-time install. No help desk required, ever!

  4. Totally Independent Solution AlphaShield™ is a standalone device that can never be affected by viruses, never incur any set up problems, and never depend on the computer's operating system. Software solutions depend on the computer operating system to function properly and other hardware are prone to human setup errors, even for experts. 

  5. Active Feedback You can watch the attacks as they are being rejected.  AlphaShield™ is actively working to prevent any unauthorized users or malicious attacks. You can even initiate an immediate disconnect and get back on line any time instantly.

  6. Work on all platforms and operating systems AlphaShield™ works with all computers as long as your computer has an external broadband modem. Even if you already have other security programs such as personal software firewalls or anti-virus, you can still maximize your privacy and security by adding AlphaShield™.

  7. Does not affect system performance The AlphaShield™ has its own onboard CPU, so it will not occupy any system resources to slow you down.  Other than not getting attacks, you won’t even notice a difference in your surfing experience.

  8. 24/7 Protection High-speed Internet connections are 'always on'. AlphaShield™ gives you constant protection whether you are actively surfing, step away for a few minutes, or going on vacation.

  9. Expandable As Voice-over-IP and other communication solutions become more available, an additional AlphaShield™ port allows you to add Internet voice communication applications, such as messenger software, NetMeeting, IP phone, or even a web or file server.

  10. Award Winning Solution The AlphaShield™ has being already been recognized as a leader with four International trade show awards, including Best Internet Hardware, Best New Technology, and Best eSolution at Gartner Vision events.